ean-Marie Philippe is one of those self-made men full of initiative, daring and demonstrating an innate talent for succeeding whatever they undertake.

The man knows exactly what he is talking about: he worked 7 years in a general carpentry company before freelancing in 1988 and finally setting up his own business in April 1991. From an original staff of 4, the ICP team has grown over the years and now gathers 20 odd members.

JMP personally supervises the due fulfillment of each of your orders, though nonetheless remains a man of the field, omnipresent on the site and keeping an alert eye to finishing. He thus takes care himself of the final and crucial step of production, i.e. the sealing of the window frames with silicone. For him, it is an opportunity to perform an ultimate quality check, because in his view, nothing can be left to chance...

Interview with JMP

"Every day, we give the best of ourselves to provide you with a service that lives up to your expectations. To us, that is the one and only way to do business."

"Those of you who have worked with us in the past know that we are always willing to push back the limits of feasibility. At ICP, flexibility is a second nature and a "No" is simply unconceivable. For us "the customer is king" is not a vain motto... it is our credo since 1991 ."

"Whatever your project, however specific your request, get in touch and we will talk about it. You will see, we seem to have a gift for finding the miracle solution."

Jean-Marie Philippe

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