esides its mere functional role, hardware brings the final touch to your work – a sober note of elegance which never fails to give your customers the impression that the door you deliver them is meant for their house.

The DECORA range offers you a heavy-duty, elegant and perfectly finished hardware. All models are of course available in stock. Should your customers prefer, we can deliver our doors without any decorative hardware.

Note: We can install the letter box plates on the crosspiece or the panel of our doors.


Decora 28 brass

Decora 27 bronze

Decora 29 brass

Decora 29 bronze

Decora 15 brass

Decora 16 bronze

Decora 17 brass

Decora 18 bronze

Decora 19 brass

Decora 20 bronze

Decora 21 bronze

Decora 25 brass

Decora 25 bronze

Decora 26 brass

Decora 30 bronze

Decora 31 brass

Decora 45 brass

Decora 45 bronze

Decora 32 brass

Decora 32 bronze

Decora 12 bronze

Decora 22 brass

Decora 23 bronze

Decora 39-40 brass

Decora 41-42 bronze

Decora 50 BWI*

Decora 48 BWI

Decora 54 BWI

Decora 52 BWI

Decora 56 BWI

Decora 58 BWI

Decora 55 BWI

Decora 59 brass

Decora 60 bronze

Decora 61

Decora 62

* BWI = Black wrought iron


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