e use exclusively equipment from makers we have carefully chosen for the quality of their products. A solidity test conducted during our last open-door days demonstrated again how crucial the quality of a multi-point lock is for the safety of a building!

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Each of our doors is fitted with the following equipment:

KFV AS4900 multi-point S1 lock

One-piece face plate, handle-operated locking mechanism. The main lock case accepts keyed profile cylinder, latch retraction via key is not possible. Above and below the main lock case are additional lock cases each fitted with a hook bolt. Standard face plate is zinc-plated with yellow bichromate finish, all locking elements are bright nickel-plated, all lock cases are completely enclosed and zinc-plated.

A strong drive gear mechanism enables multi-point locking and thus promotes higher levels of resistance to forced entry, sound-proofing and thermal insulation.

Hook bolts make the forcing apart of door sash and frame more difficult.

Unhinging of the door sash becomes very difficult when the hook-pin bolt combination is used.

Deadbolt on the main lock is guarded against sawing.

KFV multi-point locks are universal by means of a reversible latch and can be used on left or right handed doors.

Suitable for all standard door furniture.

Broad selection of accessories for all profile systems.

KFV quality oriented product policy – the quality management system is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001

A= 2,400mm
B= 760mm
C= 740mm
E= 72mm
G= 1,050 mm
I= 505mm
K= 200mm
L= 55mm

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ISEO 45/45 door cylinder

Supplied with 3 keys

65mm mounting screw


OTLAV CG495160H502 hinge (zinc-plated, ∅ = 16mm)

Female adjustable hinge with 2 nylon pins and a nylon bush

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HOPPE standard double handle + brown lacquered aluminum backplate

Options | www.hoppe.com | Top

ISOLPORTE OMEGA draught excluder

The internal mechanism of the single-control version allows for the descent of the joint first on the hinge side, then on the lock side. This prevents any useless dragging of the extruder on the floor and the need for parallelism adjustment.
The double-control version ensures a constant pressure of the joint on the whole width of the door and allows for a more precise adjustment.

Easy and quick fitting through lateral screws (recessable or not)

Available with a silicone joint (fire-retardant and smoke-proof, also more flexible) or a PVC joint

Joint travel: 12mm

Available from 235—1335mm

Dimensioning: max. 125mm



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